The Psychological Effects That Having Gynecomastia Has on Men

Gynecomastia is a condition that affects men of all ages; it is quite common in teenagers and young men. Tender tissue that looks like breast tends to grow under the nipples, giving the impression of regular female-like breasts. The main cause of gynecomastia is some hormonal imbalance caused by several different reasons, such as puberty, steroids consumption, over the counter medication and drug use. This condition is not easy to deal with; for men it is a very embarrassing condition, as the psychological effects that having gynecomastia has on men are really tremendous.Men have great difficulties with this condition, which is the main cause of antisocial behavior among young men and teenagers. Gynecomastia can cause serious distress, problems in self consciousness and awareness, low self esteem, embarrassment. Gynecomastia by default causes several self image issues to men, issues that need to be addressed by an expert, before they can cause serious psychological and social problems.In most cases, the medical part of the problem can be addressed and solved fast; whether it involves some medication and treatment, or surgery in more severe pathological cases, the condition is reversible and treatable, but the psychological effects of Gynecomastia are not easy to deal with. Most men have a hard time dealing with the emotional scarring caused by this condition. Gynecomastia can result in minority type complex behaviors, loss of self confidence and acceptance.Men with Gynecomastia usually are not eager to promote relationships with the opposite sex, fearing rejection. They tend to feel less masculine, less “men” and that can have serious effect on their behavior and attitude towards women. Although studies prove that women can accept such a condition, men do not seem to be happy about it. The emotional consequences of the disease need to be worked on additionally to any physical treatment.Masculinity doesn’t rely on the non existence of breasts – this is something that most patients hear all the time, however it can little affect or change their mind set. Men with Gynecomastia might need to deal with ridicule of others and the consequent emotions of shame and humiliation that can devastate their life.Most men have a hard time going to the sea or pool, or get undressed for any reason. In most severe cases, breasts cannot be hidden by clothes either; this means that fear of humiliation is always present.Gynecomastia is not a reflection of the sexuality of the sufferers, however statistics show that they usually suffer from insecurities about their sexual performances and appeal, due to the feminine appearance of their chest. Enlarge breasts can cause a social and sexual handicap resulting in complexes and disarray.In cases of gynecomastia, men should seek a medical consultation with an expert in order to determine the severity of the problem and address the physical and mental or emotional problems associated with the disease. The faster they deal with the physical part, the fewer chances are that they will be seriously affected by the psychological effects that having gynecomastia has on men.